Some notes about the intervention of Marta Blasco in the Cathedral of Palma de Mallorca.

Fernando Castro Flórez.

“Beauty has no other origin than the singular wound, different in every case, hidden or visible, which each man bears within himself, which he preserves, and into which he withdraws when he would quit the world for a temporary but authentic solitude” (Jean Genet). I. Epiphany (poetics) of the Sybil.

For years now, Marta Blasco has been musing on and producing artworks based on the tremendous fascination she felt for The Chant of the Sybil.. This oracular figure, inspired by Apollo, has become an obsessive motif for this artist, who has made endless drawings, objectual pieces, a beautiful glass window and – specifically for Mallorca Cathedral – an installation. The Sybils intuit higher truths and have powers which, in Christian tradition, make them exercise a role parallel to that of the Biblical prophets. Marta Blasco turns the Sybil into a visual attraction mechanism, as though its “revelatory” power in itself were a crystallization that makes one see.