SIBIL·LA 2013/2014
Marta Blasco


The character of the Sibil·la, declared by UNESCO Immaterial Patrimony of Mankind in 2010, is among the best cultural manifestations representing the survival of our ancient traditions. Its ancestral origins and pagan connotations have been always linked to the representations of women as the great protagonist of old myths.

Possessing a gaze that transcends and predicts what centuries will bring, the Sibil·la was adopted later on by the Christianity as the voice that echoes the announcement of the end of the world by the ancient Oracle. Her apocalyptical message suggests a devastated nature, with sinuous trees and branches sometimes bleak sometimes destroyed that become a metaphor of the current world.

Between 2003 and 2014, I realized a series of drawings, paintings, engravings, coppers and photographs that record the process of research and the making off. All this material integrated my exhibition entitled “Sibil·la”, that was inaugurated in December 2014 at Sala Pelaires. A month later was presented at the Cultural Centre Pelaires the book “Sibil·la. A secret passion”. The combination of the texts of the writer Gabriel Janer Manila, the tooling of Natasha Levedeva and the binging of Paz Alomar results in a unique book that, from different points of view, constitutes an homage to the Sibil·la: the enigmatic woman that returns every Christmas to the churchs of Mallorca to announce the Final Judgement.