Contradictio. Exhibition at the Maior Gallery, Palma
Ceramic installation

Marta Blasco has been carrying out an intense artistic meditation on the Sibyl for years, materialized in extremely poetic drawings or in a hypnotic window. His recent installation in the Cathedral of Palma came to synthesize his particular vision of the oracular condition: the sibylline voice had solidified into copper plates that literally floated in space, at the same time reverting to the bosom of the earthly. This artist does not stop invoking the power of the feminine, the revealing power of the earth that aspires to become light. In his pieces in the Maior Gallery I have expands his poetry with sculptural pieces in which I have modulated the theme of the venus rajadas (opening the veins, as Georges Didi-Huberman recalled may be a way of accounting for the cruel condition of beauty) but also makes garlands of flowers or ornamental elements that have some neo-baroque “vanitas”.

Marta Blasco, with her ceramic works that have to do with her Valencian origins, intensifies her fertile imaginary in this exhibition that comes to remind us that beauty is not forbidden territory although, at times, it forces the artist to literally leave the skin in your task.

Fernando Castro Florez