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“La veu de la Sibil·la”. Catalogue of the instalation.

Curators:Fernando Castro and Catalina Mas
Sponsor:Obra Social la Caixa
Collaborator:Illeslex i Bendix


The chant and the matter of hope.

Notes on Marta Blasco’s intervention in the Cathedral of Palma de Mallorca.
Fernando Castro Flórez

“Beauty has no other origin than the singular wound, different in every case, hidden or visible, which each man bears within himself, which he preserves, and into which he withdraws when he would quit the world for a temporary but authentic solitude” (Jean Genet). I. Epiphany (poetics) of the Sybil.

For years now, Marta Blasco has been musing on and producing artworks based on the tremendous fascination she felt for The Chant of the Sybil.. This oracular figure, inspired by Apollo, has become an obsessive motif for this artist, who has made endless drawings, objectual pieces, a beautiful glass window and – specifically for Mallorca Cathedral – an installation. The Sybils intuit higher truths and have powers which, in Christian tradition, make them exercise a role parallel to that of the Biblical prophets. Marta Blasco turns the Sybil into a visual attraction mechanism, as though its “revelatory” power in itself were a crystallization that makes one see.


Mn. Teodor Suau i Puig
President-degà del Capítol de la Catedral de Mallorca

There is always a different atmosphere about Les Matines a la Seu (matins at Mallorca Cathedral). The grandeur of the festivity is transmitted by all the elements that make up this singular building, the Cathedral. It is probably the most colourful night of the year, even though it coincides with the most inward-looking, wintry night on the calendar. The neules (hand-cut paper decorations) and the Sibil·la (the Sybil), make us focus on what we are celebrating, as a community of believers, and everything speaks in that symbolic language which explains all, even the future. Every Christmas, the Cathedral becomes especially symbolic, on days when we all feel like one big family, a community that identifies with traditions and innovations, with the traces and symbols of the past and with the creativity of our contemporaries.


The voice of the sybil: tradition and contemporary art in Mallorca cathedral
Catalina Mas Andreu
Conservator of Heritage of the Cathedral

Today, the Catholic Church is the institution which conserves the largest amount of the historical and artistic heritage which unites us as a people and identifies us in cultural terms. In itself, architecturally speaking, the Cathedral is the firmest expression of the Christian faith conveyed into stone that is known on Mallorca, and it is a vessel for the artworks which, century after century, have served, pedagogically speaking, to transmit the faith and values of Christianity.


For enabling the expression of the christian message in all languages
Mn. Gabriel Amengual i Coll
Canon accountable of the Heritage chapter of the Cathedral of Mallorca

The Chapter of the Cathedral is delighted to host and present this installation that Ms. Marta Blasco has designed and executed. It consists of seven copper sheets, engraved on both sides with motifs of the Sybil and hung from the pulpit where the Chant of the Sybil is sung on Christmas Eve, as though they were just more of the decorative paper neules that adorn the church, giving it a Christmassy feel.


Reflections on the Voice of the Sybil
Marta Blasco

Ever since I arrived in Mallorca in 1999, I felt a special fascination for the Cathedral, the natural colouring and profiles of which I glimpsed for the first time from the sea. Shortly afterwards, I happened to discover the Mallorcan tradition of the Cant de la Sibil·la, or “Chant of the Sybil”, and its symbolism and message made a great impact on me.